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Born in Annapolis, Maryland, Douglas E. Nowling’s Naval family moved to Rhode Island, and then San Diego where he was introduced to acrylic paints in high school.  He is a mostly self-taught African American Artist now residing in Los Angeles, Ca.  He works in the field of information technology but has always had a passion for the arts.  His art was hidden in plain sight in his home.  His friends didn’t know that he painted and just assumed the art on his walls were pieces he’d purchased purely for decoration. 

He has participated in multiple art shows, had his work displayed in film projects, on the cover of a book of poetry, and displayed at Nestle USA’s Black History Month Celebrations.  Some of his work is now in homes in California, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, and Texas. 

Douglas' goal is to depict people of African descent in such a way to unify all of its people.  Ways that he accomplishes this  is by painting the varied skin tones of African Americans in each piece or in silhouette, so that all African Americans may see themselves in his work.  His work always embodies emotional responses to his personal experiences and by viewing those around him to capture a singular moment of African Americans and Africans. 

“It is my intention to open your eyes to the emotional experiences of African Americans.

NOTE:  If you're interested in purchasing a painting please email infodendesigns@gmail.com.  If an Original painting is not in your budget, Most paintings are available as paper prints or prints on canvas. 

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